In 2021, representatives of Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, expressed their intention to erect a memorial to the Holodomors victims in Ukraine. In order to implement the plan on a professional level, the Foundation for the Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Ukraine initiated a closed competition of projects supported by the local authorities. The partner of the competition became the cultural memory platform Past / Future / Art.

Such deep social traumas, the famines of 1921–1923, 1932–1933, and 1946–1947, require relevant approaches. Today, in Ukraine, the search for a language, especially an artistic language, which would allow us to speak of historical tragedies continues. Modern commemorative practices that actively use the means of art help to find appropriate solutions.

To implement the project in Melitopol, the Foundation invited an expert council, which included professionals from the fields of art, commemorative practices and architecture, led by the art critic Lizaveta German. The council members conducted a preliminary study and invited five contenders to take part in the competition. They developed proposals for the memorial with detailed descriptions of the concept, visualizations, technical requirements and implementation plans. The competition granted the artists a pioneering opportunity to conceive projects for such a complex and underdeveloped subject in the field of contemporary art as the Holodomors.

In the fall of 2021, the expert council chose the winner — Daniil Shumikhin. His object The Column has been recommended for the installment in Melitopol. An opening of the memorial was planned for November 2022.


Vitaliy Kokhan

artist who works with the following media: painting, graphics, installation, photography, video, land art

Lia Dostlieva, Andrii Dostliev

artists, researchers. They work with the themes of trauma, postmemory, subjectivity and representation of vulnerable population groups

Pavlo Kovach

artist, curator, participant of the Open Group artistic collective. He works with the themes of real and fictional life, stories and characters

Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Himey

artistic duo who work with different visual arts media as directors, artists, and cinematographers

Daniil Shumikhin

artist and sculptor. The primary themes of his creative work are memory, rethinking of history and information




Lizaveta German

curator, co-founder of The Naked Room Gallery

Iryna Miroshnykova Oleksii Petrov

founders of the architectural bureau ФОРМА

Kateryna Semenyuk

cultural manager, curator of the cultural memory platform Past / Future / Art

Nazar Bilyk



June-July 2021

Development of the structure of the competition, formation of the list of participants

Research trip of artists and jury to Melitopol, research of the region’s history and work with the Melitopol Local History Museum team

Workshop for participants and experts on commemorative practices of Holodomors and famine in Ukraine and other countries, moderated by Oksana Dovgopolova, curator of the Past / Future / Art project

July–September 2021

Participants’ work on project proposals

October–November 2021

Expert jury work on participants’ proposals, choice of the winning proposal, finalization of the winner’s project

November 2021

Public presentation and discussion of all proposals and presentation of the final project


Foundation for Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Ukraine is a charitable organization that works to develop and preserve historical and cultural heritage in the city of Melitopol and beyond. The founders of the foundation are Serhii Minko and Volodymyr Spielvogel. In the summer of 2020 they initiated thecreation of a memorial in the historical part of Melitopol dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust victims and the building of a sculpture by the famous Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Diachenko.


Past / Future / Art is a cultural memory platform which implements educational and research projects, as well as a public program of activities in order to involve the general public into working through the past.


LB.ua (Livyi Bereh) is an independent online outlet focused on politics and society founded in 2009.