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Past / Future / Art is a memory culture platform that carries out commemorative, research, and art projects and establishes discussion programs to engage broader audiences to work through the past

On values

The past is not something that is long gone. The past shapes us today, producing reflections of us and our future. It cannot, however, force us to be someone we are unwilling to be, as we are in power to interrogate the past, testing the trustworthiness of our world-building values. You can learn here more about the core values of our project.

What we do

What is it, the culture of memory? It designates what we remember, how and what for. It may occur as a bizarre matter: we just remember, full stop. But in reality, we ask ourselves how to envision the future by remembering the past. Everyone asks, yet artists pose the most unforeseen and essential questions. Precisely the artistic statement occasionally propels the understanding of what, how, and what for. Past / Future / Art invites you to look into the art practices tackling the images of the past.

No one will teach us how to remember “correctly.” Overcoming the past and shaping the future’s perspectives is a shared task, the performance of which commences with a pertaining conversation. Thus we organise public discussions of important historical events and their reverberations in arts; jointly with our partners, we develop memorial projects and strategies for commemorating the significant phenomena in Ukrainian history; we research regional identities. Engaging professionals in the fields of memory studies, history, philosophy, international law, art history and criticism, we have been creating a pioneering glossary for the work with memory. We realise exhibition projects with the artists who rethink the past.

The project was founded in 2019 by the NGO Cultural Practices in partnership with forumZFD (The Civil Peace Service) in Ukraine.



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