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forumZFD Program in Ukraine
forum Civil Peace Service is an international non-governmental organization, which supports civil society in countries affected by war and conflict. The main partner of Past / Future / Art
Austrian Service Abroad

A non-profit organization founded in 1998, which sends young Austrians to partner institutions worldwide to work on Holocaust commemoration, peace building projects, sustainable development initiatives and support of vulnerable social groups

The Embassy of Germany in Kyiv

Germany’s diplomatic mission to Ukraine. Organizers of the annual German Weeks in Ukraine. In 2020, the discussion program of the #bruedershaft project was implemented in cooperation with the gallery The Naked Room and Past / Future / Art

Ukrainian Institute

A public institution affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Its mission is to strengthen Ukraine’s international standing through the means of cultural diplomacy. Ukrainian Institute facilitates international connections between people and institutions and creates opportunities for Ukraine to interact and cooperate with the world

The Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art

Currently one of Poland’s most important institutions engaged in contemporary art. Their mission is to present the latest artistic phenomena in their process of transformation, to respond to the cultural and civilisational phenomena of the modern world — while at the same time to educate within this scope through the use of new media and technologie. The centre is located in two facilities in Gdańsk

Odesa National Fine Arts Museum

One of the principal art institutions of the city of Odesa, aimed to share the spirit of Odesa art movements and to preserve art as itself


One of the largest and most dynamic private contemporary art centres in Central and Eastern Europe. It develops the Ukrainian art scene while generating critical public discourse for society as a whole. The exhibition program of the art centre investigates national identity in the context of international challenges

The Naked Room

A gallery for contemporary art and events based in Kyiv. Founded in 2018 by curators Lizaveta German, Maria Lanko and film director Marc Raymond Wilkins. Curators of the artistic project about unity #bruedershaft

Museum "Territory of Terror"

Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes. A municipal institution aimed to explore, comprehend, and present the tragic chapters of the mid-20th century history in the context of modern challenges

An independent online outlet focused on politics and society founded in 2009. Media partner of the project

The Ukrainian Week

An illustrated weekly magazine covering politics, economics and the arts, aimed at the socially engaged Ukrainian-language reader. Media partner of the project


An online media outlet about contemporary art and culture. Media partner of the project

City Face

An inter-university project for the exploration and rethinking of the symbolic space of several key cities in eastern and southern Ukraine – Dnipro, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Odesa, and Kharkiv

Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University

Academic partner of the Past / Future / Art